Virtual reality

By Tianran Chen

In 1992, the national science foundation funding the interactive system of the project team's report in the system are put forward for VR is discussed, and determine and Suggestions for the future research direction in the field of virtual reality environment.Can think that the virtual reality technology combines computer graphics, computer simulation technology, sensor technology, display technology and other science and technology, it create a virtual information on the mufti-dimensional information space environment, enable the immersive immersive, is perfect ability of interaction with the environment and help inspire ideas.So, immersed - interaction - idea is three basic characteristics of VR environment system.Virtual technology is the core of the modeling and simulation.

VR has been focus in the field of computer image, not only it has broader areas, such as video conference and distributed computing technology, network technology, and distributed virtual reality development.Virtual reality technology has become an important means of new product design and development.Among them, the cooperative work of virtual reality is a hot spot of VR technology is a new research and application, it introduces a new technical issues, including human factors and the network and database technology, etc.Such as human factors, has to consider multiple participants how to interact with each other in a Shared space, the virtual objects in a number of participants in virtual space under the joint action of behavior, etc.In VR environments for collaborative design, team members can be synchronously or asynchronously virtual objects in the virtual environment is engaged in the construction and operation activities, and to evaluate the virtual object, discussion and redesign and other activities.Distributed virtual environment can make the geographical distribution of different designers face the same virtual design object, through synergy in the Shared virtual environment to use voice and video tools, can design in the early stages of the design, can eliminate defects, reduce time-to- market, improve the quality of products.In addition, VR has become a virtual prototype structure, supports the important tool of virtual prototype technology.VE - virtual environment technology can make the engineers in three- dimensional space in real time with their design prototype (virtual prototype) interact.

I thought the one of the best results provided by VR is teleoperating robots with virtual reality, it is a virtual reality system from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory could make it easier for factory workers to telecommute.

In the social reality of the development of science and technology, people don not surprised at the robot of artificial intelligence anymore, they also are not surprised about the help and happiness which provided by help VR for people life anymore. Robots and VR has appeared in People's Daily life for a long time. Now, I want to talk about a system which created by teleoperating robots and virtual reality. The system embeds the user in a VR control room with multiple sensor displays, making it feel like they’re inside the robot’s head. By using hand controllers, users can match their movements to the robot’s movements to complete various tasks.