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saveButton - 类 中的变量ui.AppGUI
saved - 类 中的变量controller.AppFileController
saveData(AppDataComponent, Path) - 接口 中的方法components.AppFileComponent
setGameState(HangmanController.GameState) - 类 中的方法controller.HangmanController
setMessageLabel(String) - 类 中的方法ui.AppMessageDialogSingleton
settings - 程序包 settings
setWorkspace(Pane) - 类 中的方法components.AppWorkspaceComponent
Mutator method for setting the custom workspace.
show(String, String) - 类 中的方法ui.AppMessageDialogSingleton
This method loads a custom message into the label and then pops open the dialog.
show(String, String) - 类 中的方法ui.YesNoCancelDialogSingleton
This method loads a custom message into the label then pops open the dialog.
start(Stage) - 类 中的方法apptemplate.AppTemplate
start() - 类 中的方法controller.HangmanController
In the homework code given to you, we had the line gamedata = new GameData(appTemplate, true); This meant that the 'gamedata' variable had access to the app, but the data component of the app was still the empty game data!
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