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Uses of DBFTable in dbfeditor

Methods in dbfeditor that return DBFTable
static DBFTable DBFTableManager.getDBFTable()
          This method returns the DBFTable which is being updated by the TableManager.

Methods in dbfeditor with parameters of type DBFTable
static void DBFEditor.initSortingCriteriaComboBoxData(javax.swing.JComboBox initComboBox, DBFTable dbfTable)
          This method resets and reloads the sorting criteria combo box with the fields currently in the table and with the most recent sorting criteria.
static void DBFEditor.loadDBFIntoTable(DBFTable data)
          This method loads the contents of the data argument, which is a fully loaded .dbf file, into our JTable.
static void DBFTableManager.setDBFTable(DBFTable initDBFTable)
          This method sets the DBFTable to the DBFTable that is input.

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Methods in that return DBFTable
 DBFTable DBFFileIO.loadDBF( file)
          This method loads the .dbf file represented by the file argument and puts all the data found inside the file into a DBFTable object, which it returns.