Uses of Class

Packages that use SHPViewer

Uses of SHPViewer in shp_renderer

Constructors in shp_renderer with parameters of type SHPViewer
SHPRenderer(SHPViewer initViewer)
          This constructor gives default values to the viewport and background (blue), but it doesn't know what to draw until the user selects an .shp file.

Uses of SHPViewer in shp_renderer.buttonevents

Constructors in shp_renderer.buttonevents with parameters of type SHPViewer
SHPExportImageHandler(SHPViewer initViewer)
          The default constructor for the SHPExportImageHandler.
SHPRecolorMapHandler(SHPViewer initViewer)
          The default constructor for the SHPRecolorMapHandler.

Uses of SHPViewer in

Constructors in with parameters of type SHPViewer
SHPKeyHandler(SHPViewer initViewer)
          We must have the app when we construct this object.
SHPMapSelectHandler(SHPViewer initViewer)
          This constructor just saves the app for later.
SHPMouseOverShapeHandler(SHPViewer initViewer)
          The constructor sets up everything for use.

Uses of SHPViewer in shp_renderer.jmenuevents

Constructors in shp_renderer.jmenuevents with parameters of type SHPViewer
SHPEditListener(SHPViewer initViewer)
          The default for the SHPEditListener class.
SHPExitHandler(SHPViewer initViewer)
          The default constructor for the SHPExitHandler class.