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Uses of SHPShape in shp_renderer

Methods in shp_renderer with parameters of type SHPShape
 boolean SHPRenderer.isInViewport(SHPShape shape)
          This method is to be used as a rejection test to make sure we don't bother trying to rendering shapes that are not inside the viewport.

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Methods in that return SHPShape
 SHPShape SHPData.getShape(int index)
          This method will return a SHPShpae at a specific index.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type SHPShape
 java.util.Vector<SHPShape> SHPData.getShapes()
          This method will return the shapes.
 java.util.Iterator<SHPShape> SHPMap.shapesIterator()
          This method creates an iterator to go through all the shapes.
 java.util.Iterator<SHPShape> SHPData.shapesIterator()
          This method will create an iterator for going through all the SHPShapes.

Methods in with parameters of type SHPShape
 void SHPData.addShape(SHPShape shapeToAdd)
          This method will add a shape to the vector shapes.

Method parameters in with type arguments of type SHPShape
 void SHPData.setShapes(java.util.Vector<SHPShape> initShapes)
          This method will set the shapes to the new input value.

Uses of SHPShape in shp_renderer.geometry

Subclasses of SHPShape in shp_renderer.geometry
 class SHPPolygon
          SHPPolygon - This class is used to represent a shapefile polygon type, which means it stores a series of polygons, called parts.
 class SHPPolyline
          SHPPolyline - This class is used to represent a shapefile polyline type, which means it stores a series of polylines, called parts.
 class SHPPolyType
          SHPPolyType - This class stores the data associated with a poly type, which means a shape with a variable series of points.