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    A copy of my research statement can be found here

Working and Discussion Papers

  • Competition with endogenous and exogenous switching costs [pdf]

  • The effect of switching costs on prices: an application to the Peruvian Mobile Phone Market, NET Institute, Working Paper No. 17-12, 2017. [pdf]

  • Milking the milkers: a study on buyer power in the dairy market of Peru [pdf] (IIOC 2018, AEA 2018 [Poster Session] )

Research in Progress

  • Does reducing switching costs increase social welfare? An application to the Peruvian mobile phone market

  • Are the elderly better off due to earlier investment in their children's education? (with Ramiro Malaga)

Local Publications

  • The dynamics of Peruvians who do not study or work: who they are, how are they doing and how they have changed , Apuntes, Vol. 44 Number 80, Research Center - Universidad del Pacifico. 2017 (with Jose Tavera and Ramiro Malaga) [pdf]

  • Youth who neither work nor study: The Peruvian case, Revista Economia, Vol. 37 Number 74, Department of Economics, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. 2014 (with Ramiro Malaga and Jose Tavera)[in Spanish] [pdf]

  • Assessing competition policy on economic development, Revista Economia, Vol. 36 Number 71, Department of Economics-Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. 2013 [pdf]

  • Risk mitigation in vehicle parking lots: an analysis from the incentives perspective , Journal of Competition and the Intellectual Property, Year 5 Number 9, Spring 2009, INDECOPI, Lima. 2009 [in Spanish] [pdf]

  • Competition policy in APEC Economies , Punto de Equilibrio, Quarterly News Magazine published by the Research Center of the Universidad del Pacifico (CIUP), pp 8-9. 2008 [in Spanish]

  • Copyright Collecting Societies: the Peruvian case , Journal of Competition and the Intellectual Property, Year 3 Number 5, Spring 2007, INDECOPI, Lima. 2007 (with José Tavera) [in Spanish] [pdf]

Book chapters

  • Lessons from the introduction and implementation of competition policy in economies at different stages of development: the case of APEC economies, In: APEC Economic Policy Report 2008. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation - APEC, APEC Economic Committee, Chapter 2, study developed by INDECOPI for the APEC Economic Report 2008. (with Jose Tavera and Fernando Caceres)

  • Study on the competition conditions in financial industry in Peru, In:Competition conditions in selected industries: Health services industry, Fuel industry and Financial industry, INDECOPI - Department of Economic Studies. Program on Competition and Consumer Protection Policies for Latin America of the United Nation Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD-COMPAL), 1st ed., June 2007, pp.169-249, Lima. (with Jose Tavera, Juan de La Cruz, Melina Caldas and Milton Chamorro) [in Spanish]