The limitation of Virtual Reality, augmented Reality, our brain or our ethics?

By Trahern Tsui 109861298 On March 3, 2017

Complete VRThere are tons of fiction “predict” about how far the Virtual Reality can affect the world and we may be amazed by them and looking forwards for some of those technologies to be can true in the real world. Just like in the old days’ people never thought of a computer can play video games, but now it even has portable gaming devices. The movie the Matrix, or the anime Sword Art Online. Fully control of the character and the all five-sensation enjoyment will be the only fresh stimulus in this overflow gaming world.

But wait a second! We do have VR technology all over the place!

VR levelBy Paul Milgram’s concept of Reality–virtuality continuum, we do have lot of VR headset to play those games with our audiovisual and in the virtual world, and pokemon go just in different level of Virtual Reality. Now there is even a shirt that can give you a physics punch for responding impact in virtual world. In definition, we are playing with those virtual reality and augment reality already.

So what are we exactly waiting for?

bionic eyeI guess we are dreaming for the Full Dive Virtual Reality, full immersion virtual reality experience with five senses, like hearing, touch, taste, sight and smell transfer into an avatar or a video game character for entertainment purposes. Well just like in the movie, Full Dive Virtual Reality is completely virtual environment that you think you are control your real body but in fact you are not. Although we don’t have it now, there are some augmented reality technologies for replacing and control some of our sensation for example the bionic eye, using electric current to control part of your hand etc. We do have half of the technology to fully upgrade as Full Dive Virtual Reality, but really?

The access authorization may become the controversy

brain hackedWhat I think the technology may not be the only cause to prevent the product to become true. Every account has limited access to a computer, or website, or data base. Even though the program has set the limit authorization, it doesn’t mean no one can hack it. In the same way, even all the technology is possible, the way of how the technology become possible may violate our ethics by creating possibility of hacking our brain. Just like the controversy of embryonic stem cell. Our computer can divide the network to public or private, which is hard to define in our brain. Will the VR device able to read our memory? Can it overwrite the “data”? As the device becomes the connection between the computer and our brain, we will become a part of the cyber too. Any of our thought may become cyber-crime.

The future VR may not be the same as the fiction’s

FDVR??Looking back how the video game develops, we do see age restriction was added to limit the gaming industry for selling the violent or sexual content to the young. We do see some draw back from the VR technology now. Some may not experience any, while some have virtual reality sickness such as postural instability or simulator sickness etc. we cannot deny that the area of computer directly linking to our brain is unknown, so we sure there are some people will not adapted to the linking. Especially for the developing brains, the children, may be set to restrict use for new FDVR technology depends on the way the computer access our brain. In my point of view, the possibility of FDVR is through dream control that most of the people may agree is the “public network” in our brain. However, the drawback may be lack of control of the virtual environment. As people may control the dream as well, that means people may not able to get the freedom we expected in FDVR.

When the day the Matrix come true, will be the day the scientist has conquest our own brain. Will we still dreaming for the technology that will bring us infinity joy but at the same time hand out our body and brain control?

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