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Computer Science Undergraduate, Stony Brook University

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Hello, my name is Thomas Vetere and welcome to my website! I am currently a University Scholars Computer Science Junior at Stony Brook University. As an established member of the Stony Brook Computer Science community, I am always looking to expand my horizons in software development. This website serves as a personal representation of my work and interests. It was made from scratch with HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.

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The Home Depot

Sales Associate – Garden Department

Time of Employment: May 2016 – Present


  • Maintain store appearance and ensure all products are fronted and presentable
  • Ensure customer and associate safety by adhering to all safety codes
  • Drive store sales through excellent customer service and product knowledge
  • Drive large sales by submitting leads for at home customer projects (potential sale $1000 and up)
  • Work with other departments to ensure that customer can meet all of their home repair needs

Throughout my computer science education, I have pinpointed several areas of computer science which I am interested in. This year, I have begun to enjoy language processing and computation theory. Overall, I want to enter the finance industry and apply my computer science skills to that field. My primary interest related to finance is developing trading algorithms to analyze the stock market based on past data. Big data, which is an exploding field right now, is critical to doing this and every good data analyst should be able to parse well. A course I took in the Fall 2017 semester covered discrete finite automata, context free grammars, and Turing Machines.

Finite Automata

A discrete finite automata that recognizes the language 0*1(0+1)*

In addition to language processing, I am also interested in efficient algorithm design. Many real world problems, especially related to finance, may not have polynomial time solutions. Therefore, it is necessary from any good algorist to understand efficient pruning techniques, data structures, and time complexities.


A suduko board solved by backtracking

Systems development and other low level aspects of design are also an interest of mine. I have taken courses related to processor design and lower level programming languages (assembly/C). This topic interests me because it allows me to take a look at the processes happening behind the scenes when I write high level code. While low level languages are no longer practical to code with in most instances, I think it is still important to understand what is going on at different levels of design.


Simplified x86 architecture

With respect to high level design interests, I enjoy programming mobile applications for Android using Android Studio and desktop applications using either Java, C#, or C++. In this area, I am able to express myself as a software engineer and work to develop my own products.


Android Studio, an IDE that I use frequently for mobile development.

Programming Projects

Course Site Generator

This was a Java desktop application that I completed for my CSE 219 class (Computer Science III). The program allowed a user to enter information about a course such as TAs, room number, important calendar dates, and instructor information. The user then, upon pressing an 'export' button would be presented with a generated website that they could easily use to represent their course online. I used Java, JSON, Javascript, HTML, and CSS for this project.


Boy Scout Application

This project was an Android/iOS application that I developed in a team for the Boy Scouts of America Theodore Roosevelt Council. The project was completed for a class in which groups of students chose a non-profit organization to code for. I was the leader of my team and it was my first real experience of putting software together with other people. I got a good look at Git version control and how everyone in a development team can contribute a small part of a larger project.


Desert Dash Game

This is a side project that I am currently working on in my spare time. It is a game stylized to have a retro feel and I am currently programming it for Android devices. I intend it to operate similarly to Google's T-Rex game on Google Chrome.


Technical Writing Samples

Literature Review

This is a mock literature review that I wrote for my Technical Writing course. The topic is Cloud Computing and the Future of Moore's Law.

Research Proposal

This is a mock research proposal that corresponds to the above literature review.

Press Release

This is a mock press release that I also wrote for my Technical Writing Course. Please note that I am not affiliated with Boston Dynamics in any way and this press release is purely fictional.

🎃 Pumpkin Carving 🎃

I discovered a hidden talent of carving pumpkins about four years ago. Now, it is something that I look forward to every Halloween. I always do one for myself but I also will carve for friends if requested. Below are some of my creations.


Darth Maul




Freddy Krueger


Pennywise the Dancing Clown


Haunter (I did this for a friend)

💻 MS DOS 💻

I like to work with DOSBox – an MSDOS shell designed for Windows. I am interested in legacy languages and systems for their novelty value because I am fascinated by what technology has evolved from. It gives me a sense of how far computer science has advanced and it allows me to appreciate the finess and skill of old-time programmers.


🏈 Football 🏈

I am an avid fan of the New York Jets and love watching football in general. I am very active in fantasy football and it's a season I look forward to every year. Below is a picture of me on the MetLife Stadium field. The story behind the picture is quite incredible. I spun a prize wheel at the stadium before the game, got extremely lucky, and won tickets to walk onto the field!


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