The overall layout and color scheme of this page revolves around the banner image, a photograph I took at Fort Totten Park in Queens. My focus color came from the upper right hand corner of the sky, and using Adobe Kuler, I chose my complementary color of tan, as well as the shades of blue and purple. As well as font, Helvetica Neue seems to be my font of chose whether it comes to text or even graphic design.




Welcome to my page!

  This page was created to showcase my progress through the 2016 winter session of EST 100. With three weeks of the course with a total of 6 sessions, I've been able to learn how use the Adobe programs of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash. Already being Adobe Certified in both Photoshop and Premiere, I knew this was the course for me in order to broaden my knowledge of other Adobe programs. Being introduced to Dreamweaver and Flash, my creativity with graphic design can continue and grow with my general interest in multimedia arts.










About Me

I am a Technological Systems Manangement major and a sophomore as of Fall 2015. Prior to entering Stony Brook University, I was always interested in multimedia arts. During high school, I became Adobe Certified in both Photoshop CS6 and Premiere CS6, due to special classes I took. With that, hopefully during and after college I can use my skills to help me choose a career, or helping me to the path of my career life.