I believe that the creation of this website was the most difficult task assigned in the winter 2016 EST 100.3 course. Even with intricate and eloquently spoken instructions, I faced numerous mishaps. I cannot imagine creating anything relatively close to this without the step by step instructions provided for us. The experience of constructing an amateur website, has given me an immense amount of newly formed appreciation for computer engineers


Although I have a constantly growing love affair for cows, and am pictured here genuinly indulging in their presence, I do not intend on ultimately working with livestock. I believe that knowledge on every species is important, and I hope to be educated in as many feilds as possible, but my dream is to ultimately work with exotics.


My name is Viktoriya Syatkina. I am a recently tranferred student to Stonybrook University. Currently on the pre-med track, and majoring in Marine biology, I intend on pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. I have been affiliated with animals my entire life, and intend on dedicating myself to their preservation and educating those around me about their value and beauty.