Multiple layers were created on the timeline to assure the independance of each seperate element. Each element was to have its own movement without effecting the others.

Using motion tweens, the repetition of Stickman's walking was placed into a movieclip so that he could fluidly jump over obstacles.

In order to assure the repetition of the flame effect on the bomb, while Stickman lifted the object, the bomb was also put into a movie clip.


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Stickman is out and about, ready to take on the day! He is alerted about a potential threat through the woods and past the little wooden house. Knowing that it is his duty to protect his fellow stick people, Stickman gathers his thoughts and sets out on the incredible journey. The path is not plight free, and Stickman faces multiple obstacles. First he must move swiftly past the large evergreens that stand in between him and the threat. Next he must jump over the rotting fallen branches, until finally he reaches his desired destination. Stickman sees the threat and knows what he must do... EAT IT!!! Stickman eats the explosive and BAM!!!!!! His head explodes.

Have no fear.. Stickman's people are highly evolved creatures, they have regenerative cell technology and are able to restore Stickman to his initial self.

Stickman lives on in all his heroism!!!!!