Useful Links

This page will be for various links that you will most likely be using quite often during your time here at Stony Brook. We will also be happy to display the web sites of Wagner College residents here as long as they contain acceptable material. If you have a web site that you would like us to link to please send me a link at

Stony Brook's Home Page - This site contains links to practically every group on campus, check here if you're searching for a campus web site that you're having trouble finding.

SOAR (Student Online Access to Records) - This is the site that you go to to change you're address, check your transcript, and look at your financial information. It's also the site you sit on at the end of the semester waiting for your grades to pop up.

Blackboard - Many of your courses will have blackboard pages that you will need to look at to get assignments and course information.

Course Offerings - This lists all the information about the courses offered during the semester you are looking for. It is updated hourly regarding which courses are closed. It is a great tool to use when planning your schedule at the end of the semester.

Library Catalog - This gives information on what is available at our library. A little time on this site can save you a lot of time while researching.

University Calendar - This is where you go to check when school starts, ends, and when those rare days off are going to come this year.

Phone Directory - This contains the e-mail address and phone number for all students living in the residence halls.

CGI For Me - These are the nice people who are hosting our message boards.