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gameData - Variable in class controller.BuzzWordController
GameError - Error in controller
Created by Red on 11/13/16.
GameError(String) - Constructor for error controller.GameError
gameover - Variable in class controller.BuzzWordController
getAppPane() - Method in class ui.AppGUI
getDataComponent() - Method in class apptemplate.AppTemplate
getErrorPop(String) - Method in class ui.AppGUI
getFileComponent() - Method in class apptemplate.AppTemplate
getFileController() - Method in class ui.AppGUI
getFileControllerClass() - Method in class apptemplate.AppTemplate
getGUI() - Method in class apptemplate.AppTemplate
getManager() - Static method in class propertymanager.PropertyManager
getNewButton() - Method in class ui.AppGUI
getParameter() - Method in enum settings.InitializationParameters
getPrimaryScene() - Method in class ui.AppGUI
Accessor method for getting this application's primary stage's, scene.
getPropertyOptions(String) - Method in class propertymanager.PropertyManager
getPropertyValue(String) - Method in class propertymanager.PropertyManager
getPropertyValue(Object) - Method in class propertymanager.PropertyManager
getSaveButton() - Method in class ui.AppGUI
getSelection() - Method in class ui.YesNoCancelDialogSingleton
Accessor method for getting the selection the user made.
getSingleton() - Static method in class ui.AppMessageDialogSingleton
A static accessor method for getting the singleton object.
getSingleton() - Static method in class ui.YesNoCancelDialogSingleton
The static accessor method for this singleton.
getToolbarPane() - Method in class ui.AppGUI
getWindow() - Method in class ui.AppGUI
Accessor method for getting this application's window, which is the primary stage within which the full GUI will be placed.
getWorkspace() - Method in class components.AppWorkspaceComponent
Accessor method for getting the workspace.
getWorkspaceComponent() - Method in class apptemplate.AppTemplate
gui - Variable in class apptemplate.AppTemplate
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