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            Google began in 1998 when Page and Brin started the internet search engine.  Now less than ten years later they are the founders of what is by far the most frequently used search engine of the internet today, quite possibly one of the most visited web-sites overall.  Larry Page was Google’s founding CEO and helped the company to grow to having more than 200 employees when it began before moving to his role as president.  To this day he still plays a major role in Google’s day to day operations.  Page and Brin collectively ran Google until 2001 when they hired Eric Schmidt to become the chairman and CEO of Google.  The three of them now run Google inc. as one of the richest triumvirates in the world.  Page and Brin are often very busy tending to the companies many international needs flying in there own personal Boeing 767 airliner, which they purchased for both business and pleasure.

            The vast fortune that Google has bestowed on its creators is mind boggling to say the very least.  It’s hard not to question how something like a web page that lets you find other web pages could have possibly made these two men some of the richest people in the world.  There is a very simple reason as to how this became, in a nut shell, it does what it’s meant to do, and it does it incredibly well.  While it may not seem like anything more than a simple search engine, there must be something unique about it.  How else could it have done so much more that all of its competitors and made its way to the top of the hill.  The reason behind Google’s success is the algorithm that it uses to search through the infinite amount of web space to find you exactly what you want in no time flat.  The technology behind this is called Page Rank, which relies on how valuable all web pages are and how often they are visited to make it easier for the engine to find you exactly what you need.  It combines Page Rank with sophisticated text matching techniques to help bring you exactly what you are looking for, it examines all aspects of a pages content, not only the number of times your search appears in the page.  One of the greatest aspects of Page Rank is that it is impossible for a company to purchase its way up into a higher rank.  This makes it an extremely fair and honest way for the engine to run.

            It is a culmination of all of the useful features that Google offers its users, and its supreme efficiency and speed that has made it the epitome of search engines.  Now its not so hard to see why Page and Brin are cruising the world in their own private airliner.