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Yes, Google is by far one of the most convenient things to ever spawn on the internet, but it has done so much more than simply becoming a search engine.  It has taken it to the next level all together.  It is rare for people to even say “Let’s search for that on the internet.”  The phase “Let’s Google it” has taken over completely.  I find myself google-ing things all day long.  But even more so than that, it has more than searching, Google is so versatile that there have been many new things added for both business and pleasure. 

On the business end of the spectrum there are many Google related tools such as G-Mail, Google Docs, and Google Video.  G-Mail was one of the earlier functions Google offered; G-mail is a free e-mail provider.  Google has recently created ‘Google Docs and Spreadsheets’, only furthering Bill Gates’ hatred of all things Google.  The reason for this is that now people have no need to purchase a pricy word processor from Microsoft when they can simply write up documents and spreadsheets straight off of a browser on Google, further cutting off some of Microsoft’s funds.  Another new feature is the Google video search, which is the Google counterpart to the popular video site Youtube. 

But not all features are built by Google to counter against their competitors; there are many features that are built for enjoyment and for lack of another reason, just for wasting time.  Gizoogle is a website where you can look up web pages and translate them into an Ebonics version of itself.  This leads to some very interesting new articles when some sites are gizoogled instead of googled.  Another great sidekick to Google is Google Fight, have you ever wondered what appears more on the internet, hot dog or hamburger, coke or pepsi, literally any two things can duke it out on Google Fight.  Google fight works by searching for both competitors and seeing which of them appear more often on the web.  Needless to say these serve no real purpose but they do make for a great way to pass time and none of them would exist if not for Google.