What not to watch: Prince of tennis Futari no samurai- This used to be about playing tennis... Ok I remember when it was kind of weird but cool because some of the moves aren't that exaggerated in real life. But after not watching POT for such a long time... what the hell has it become? It's Dragonball Z ised if there was a word. example: Echizen Ryoma turning super sayin 1, You can clearly see the enhanced 'aura' around his body.

tennis is played with a ball... too much force on a ball will break it no matter how good you are. WTF? The ball goes super sayin too? Or the 'chi' transfers over to the ball?

Yes I shit you not. It Breaks the Sound Barrier.

ahh the unexpected pillars of fire erupting in a tennis field... pyromaniac. Yeah.. I'd be surprised too. But I wouldn't keep playing -in fact I’d get a fucking fire extinguisher on those bad boys... which reminds me... Echizen's in there... I wonder if he's cooked yet.

Yes, those two are playing tennis underwater... underwater... somehow a large wave washed over them while they were playing on a BOAT!! ARE THEY GOING TO DROWN?! Find out in the next episode of...

What the hell is this?! It's not tennis anymore! Look at it!!! They've stopped hitting the ball to one another... >.> holy crap!

Ahh. They’ve finally resorted to flying to reach the ball, fucking clouds get in the way sometimes too you know?… why not use Naruto techniques later on? I can see it now… KAGE BUNSHI NO JITSU! ? from memory >.<