My first boat fishing trip.

First fish I've ever caught! It's a Searobin :(

Sand Shark... kinda small, they get a little bit bigger

Craig and I with fluke and seabass.

A wonderful day of fishing. Large Bluefish give awesome fights.

Holding a good sized porgy and a seabass.

Sheepshead bay at night

False Albacore, A beast, these gave me the best fight I've had yet. Too bad they taste horrible.

Pier stuff, mostly Captree but the first picture is from the pier on Jones beach I think.

Aunt with her first ever seabass! hehehe...

Small Crab... rock crab? I really don't know


More Puffer fish, Apparently the north atlantic puffers are not poisonous(I heard the tail tastes great).

Seabass, short but looks very healthy.

I thought I was stuck on a rock but this creature hooked himself on my bait. sculpin I think

A needle fish, they like to steal bait.

Captree at night.

Journal for that day ^

Friday october 7 2005
went fishing at around 10.45am. ended 2.45-2.30pm Tide at around 1PM wind northwest. Snappers hits first. small to medium. <12 inches good hits. cloudy was suppose to rain. rained later. snappers ran with tide. 1 1/2 hr- hits while reeling, ~2-4 feet down. medium hits. used circle hook on steel leader. had to switch when fish hit softer. they did not hook themselves. switched to baitkeeper with no lead. better results. started fishing in fuel area. produced good results . Flashes of silver under the water. Some guy caught a good size shad off the midddle, fishing against the tide down under the pier. another caught a bucketful of 4-5" peanut bunkers. 1:00 pm 30-40 mins- fishing died down around high tide. did manage to catch some diverse amounts of fish. needle fish puffer sculpin man taught me how to use snappers as bait. fillet it with skin on. almost caught kingfish in middle area tide in before snappers reappeared. lost it due to soft hooking must set hook harder? area... a little lower but not bottom. 5 feet maybe. moon waning small sliver nonvisible. many needlefish taking bait.must sink it faster!! last few hrs, bluefish were hitting.

notes: must cool snappers quicker. must catch kingfish. set hook harder.

next fishing trips sucked after storm that lasted 1 week people catching offshore though, but only after a week after the storm. larger fish only no more snappers, shad though off the pier... not that common needs artificial bait.