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TAController - Class in tam.workspace
This class provides responses to all workspace interactions, meaning interactions with the application controls not including the file toolbar.
TAController(CourseManagerApp) - Constructor for class tam.workspace.TAController
Constructor, note that the app must already be constructed.
tam - package tam - package
tam.file - package tam.file - package
tam.workspace - package tam.workspace
TAWorkspace - Class in tam.workspace
TAWorkspace(CourseManagerApp) - Constructor for class tam.workspace.TAWorkspace
TeachingAssistant<E extends java.lang.Comparable<E>> - Class in
This class represents a Teaching Assistant for the table of TAs.
TeachingAssistant(String, String, Boolean) - Constructor for class
Constructor initializes the TA name, and email
TimeSlot - Class in tam.file
This class stores infor for a single TA-Day/Time mapping for our office hours grid.
TimeSlot(String, String, String) - Constructor for class tam.file.TimeSlot
Toggle_Time - Class in tam.workspace
Toggle_Time(CourseData, String, Pane) - Constructor for class tam.workspace.Toggle_Time
toggleTAOfficeHours(String, String) - Method in class
This function toggles the taName in the cell represented by cellKey.
toString() - Method in class
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