About Me

My name is Xiaoming and I am a senior student in Stony Brook University major in Computer Science. My goal is to become a good software developer like Bill Gates (the current chairman of Microsoft).

The reason why I love to become a software engineer is that I played a lot of computer games when I was a child. I was curious how the software and games make and finally I major in Computer Science and enjoy in coding and design.

At the first two years of my university life, I devoted myself to the major courses and got good marks. When I was in the third year, I realized that quite a few companies emphasize on professional skills and working experience, therefore I put more time to improve the technique skills, such as C, CPP, Visual CPP and Java. Meanwhile I began to hunter for some relative part time jobs.

My biggest merit is the self-study ability and the independency when tackling tough problems.

As we know, in IT field, technologies update very quickly. It is difficult and unnecessary for us to master all of them. So the ability to study rapidly is very important when we need to use new technology which we never touch before. I think all along I am making efforts to build up this kind of qualification. For example, once I was required to complete some modules in a Java project, but at that time I had little knowledge about it. The only way for me is to master Java as soon as possible and put what I’ve learned to practice. Within a short period, I got the key points of Java and accomplished the task assigned to me on time.

When it comes to independency, it doesn’t mean I would not like to communicate with others, but means I’m good at tackling problems independently. For example, when I am confronted with a tough technique issue, first I will make use of all the related tools at hand, such as Google or my books, to resolve it. I will not seek others’ help at the very start without any effort to resolve it by myself.

As to the sense of responsibility, I attempt to form the habit of taking all aspects of a piece of work into consideration, analyze the advantages and disadvantages, secure that no problem would occur and responsible for what I need to complete. It is my target to keep everything going as planned and I will never give up easily.

My demerit is that sometimes I’m a little stubborn. For example, when I’m working on a task and encounter some difficulties, maybe it is due to the wrong method that I’m using. However, I’m not inclined to give it up, because I think it is very pitiful that I have to do it again from the beginning regardless of so much work I have done. That is not a good habit. Actually, we should learn to give up or adjust the direction of the work at a proper time, and reevaluate the targets that are accessible.

Author: Xiaoming Mao