My Interests

● Bullet Journaling ●

Recently, I started to learn handlettering. I practice in my bullet journal, which is also something that I have recently discovered. I love organizing and making lists, so I wanted to start a bullet journal to do just that. In addition, being able to practice handlettering and to decorate my bullet journal spreads gives me a creative outlet to destress throughout the week.

♪ Discovering New Music ♪

I love listening to music. My favorite genre has always been (and still is) RnB. However, I do listen to a variety of genres. To me, listening to music is a source of comfort and fun. I am always on the look out for new songs and I am open to suggestions.

✎ Making Lists ✎

Ever since middle school, I have always kept a planner with me to write down homework and assignments for school. I have gotten into the habit of making lists and being organized that way. With so many things going on academically and personally, making lists and keeping a planner helps me stay on track. It helps me remember tasks that I need to do and tasks that I want to do. Rather than keeping everything in my head, writing down all my responsibilities allows me to visualize them so that I can figure out what I need to do and when.

Author: Yan Juan Wu