About Me


- Yan Juan Wu -


Hello! ☺ My name is Yan Juan, but I usually go by Wendy. I am a sophomore at Stony Brook University. After being undecided for the majority of my freshman year, I declared Health Science as my major at the start of my sophmore year. I am originally from Manhattan, NY which is about 2 hours away from SBU. Since I live relatively close to Stony Brook, I tend to go home every other weekend.

At SBU, I work as a Teaching, Learning + Technology (TLT) Student Consultant. I work at the SINC sites, or computer labs, around West campus. At the SINC sites, I help users with any issues regarding printing, programs on the computers, and other related problems. In addition, I am now doing an internship with TLT as a Senior Consultant Trainee. Some of my goals are to motivate and teach others to learn about new technology, to gain a better understanding of the use of various applications and networks, and to futher develop my communication and customer service skills.

CSE102 is the first tech class that I have taken at Stony Brook University. Prior to this class, I had no professional experience with web designing or programming. However, I am very interested in learning about programming. It is exciting to see how the hypertext markup language translates into the content of a webpage. So far, I am enjoying the class. I look forward to learning about CSS and about how to incorporate it into HTML.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, hanging out with friends and family, and roaming social media. I consistently keep up with a bullet journal and recently started to learn and practice handlettering. To learning more about my interests, feel free to check out my Hobbies page!

Author: Yan Juan Wu