Stony Brook Courses
Courses Completed Courses Currently Taking
  1. General Chemistry
  2. General Chemistry II
  3. Concepts of the Person
  4. Introduction to Psycology
  5. Applied Calculus II
  6. Modern European History
  7. Statistical Methods
  8. Survey in Biopsychology
  9. Intro Biology Lab I
  10. Intro Biology Lab II
  11. Survey in Social Psycology
  12. Research and Writing
  13. Anatomy and Physiology
  14. Anatomy and Physiology II
  15. Information Systems in Management
  16. Introduction to Creative Writing
  17. Medical Terminology
  18. Intro to American Government
  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Biology, Human Social and Sex Behavior
  3. Introduction to Business Statistics
  4. Introduction to Web Design and Programming
  5. Research Methods in Health
  6. Elementary Spanish II

Extracurricular Activities

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