Introduction of myself

    My name is 煜彬, who is named by two of the Five Elements (Wu Xing) in the Chinese tradition, which are fire and wood. 煜, means shining like the Sun in the day and the Moon in the night. It belongs to the fire element, which stands for bright and powerful. Don't panic, because of this masculine word, the next word suggests my elegant manners. 彬, represents having both appearance and substance. Although these two words are such different, both of them are lucky characters in Chinese.

Who I am ?

  1. Jonior student in Stony Brook University
  2. Major in Environmental Studies
  3. Christian
  4. love red and pink
  5. non-tipical traveller

The stuff I learned in CSE 102

  1. Basic HTML
  2. How to change the default settings
  3. How to use CSS
  4. How to add a Table


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