How Mobile Apps Change People's Life

Nowadays, there are various mobile application that nearly have covered every corner of people's life. In this report, I'd like to discuss how people make use of mobile applications and several most popular apps.

How various mobile apps have changed individual's lifestyle?

I would like to share a news that recorded how Ms Kanokphan uses mobile applications to make life easier. Ms Kanophan is an office lady living in Bangkok. She uses Google maps to check quickest route to her office. When she does not want drive, she uses Uber or GrabTaxi to grab a ride. Besides, provides the locations of buses on 35 routes; The Chaophraya app helps on routes for the Chao Phraya express boat service; the "QueQ" app provides restaurants with shorter queue, etc. There are many more useful mobile apps and websites that been introduced in this article which are created and offered various special services in recent years.

It is no doubt that these services have largely improved people’s life quality and are essential for modern life. Mobile apps provide lots of convenience and save people’s time and energy in the fast-paced life. While, on the other hand, people may falling into terrible troubles if these apps stop working or give wrong messages. For example, people are used to use Google maps to find directory and nearby gas stations quickly, but if the app stop work incidentally, or maybe there is another place which have a very similar name with our destination, we may get to the wrong way and waste hours to getting back to the right route. Also, apps are highly depend on the working condition of the phone. If the mobilephone has poor cellular signal or the battery is dead, the apps won't work at all.

Which one is the most popular mobile app?

Top 10 mobile apps by US unique visitors, June 2015

Unique visitors age 18+

Rate App Vistors(million) Rate App Vistors(million)
1 Facebook 125.7 6 Google maps 76.5
2 Youtube 98.9 7 Pandora Radio 74.2
3 Facebook Messager 95.7 8 Gmail 67.9
4 Google Search 81.1 9 Instagram 63.1
5 Google Play 77.4 10 iTunes Radio/iCloud 49.7

The Most Popular Apps in the World

Estimated number of global app downloads in May 2016

Rate App Number of downloads(million) Rate App Number of downloads(million)
1 WhatsApp 41.2 6 Youtube 12.5
2 Messenger 39.3 7 Uber 10.9
3 Facebook 36.0 8 Spotify 10.2
4 SnapChat 27.0 9 Twitter 8.3
5 Instagram 25.6 10 Netflix 7.5


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Author: Yushan Zhou