Courses Taken in the Past

MAT 341
This course teaches to solve partial differential equations of mathematical physics: the heat, wave, and Laplace equations.
MAT 342
This course involves the study of functions of a complex variable, calculus of residues including evaluation of real integrals, and so on.
AMS 335
This course is an introduction to game theory fundamentals with special emphasis on problems from economics and political science.
AMS 341
This course studies linear programming with a view toward its uses in economics and systems analysis.

Courses that are being Taking Now

CSE 102
This course teaches basic Web design concepts.
CSE 215
This course is an introduction to the logical and mathematical foundations of computer science.
PHI 101
This course is an introduction to pivotal theories of the Western philosophic tradition.
MAT 324
This course studies metric spaces, Lebesgue integration, aspects of Fourier series, function spaces, Hilbert spaces, and Banach spaces.

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Author: Zhisheng Ying