Review:New Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 is a new phone that is coming back in more colors and better and slimmer. The Nokia 3310 was the old style push button phone that I used to play the game snake on. When I found out that the new Nokia 3310 was coming out, I was so pumped even though I’m now an Apple fan personally. The New Nokia 3310 is going to be so cool because they have added so many cool colors such as my favorite color red. The new phone was so cool that I was thinking of buying it for my grandpa because the new phone is more friendly for the senior citizen. The best perks of the phone is the simple usage and that should be helpful for the old era senior citizens who still do not understand how to use the modern smartphones. The Nokia phone is still being used around the world especially in Pakistan and that is a big deal because the phone is cheap. The phone is at a good price because that causes the people in the low income countries to afford it. The price is reasonable at 60 dollars. The Nokia phone is the phone to have if you have the necessity for a cellphone but not a fancy smartphone. The entire world was so pumped for this phone like I was because of the entire revamp of the phone. The Nokia phone is one of the most intelligent phone of the old era because of the entire simplicity of the phone. The red color is so popping to the eye because of the entire solid color theory that Nokia used. The entire family can color code the whole families’ phones according to the colors available from Nokia. I could not believe that Nokia decided to refurbish the old Nokia 3310 to the newer version. The whole Nokia industry has made a lot of money on these new phones because they are very popular with senior citizens like I have mentioned before and also new teens that want just a simple phone that is also affordable and convenient. The whole concept of the world will be going to the convention which is going to be mad cool due to the fact a new nokia phone coming out. The whole US is already anxious about the whole Nokia and personally I would go to the store and get a Nokia just to play snake one last time.


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  • Simple
  • Compact
  • easy to use
  • small buttons
  • not a fast phone
  • not a dependable phone for a tech savvy
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