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Printing is a problem. You wait in long lines. Waste paper piles up. Printers keep breaking. To improve the process we are instituting a daily quota, providing more and faster printers, and allowing students to print from the workstations on the floor.

What does this mean?

  • Each student is given a $2.00 balance daily to print which will allow each student to print up to 40 sheets per day, or 50 pages double sided.

Below is the breakdown of the pricing per day:

  • Per Sheet / one sided- $0.05
  • Per Sheet / double sided – duplex - $.08
  • Per Sheet / double sided / odd # of pages – still $.08 per sheet.

You will need to log in to print:

There will be directions in each SINC Site on how to print your jobs. You will need to know:

  • Campus Net ID (the same as your Blackboard Username)
  • SOLAR ID #.
  • Only registered students and faculty are allowed to print.

For example, my Blackboard User ID is: msmith

And my Solar ID # is: 123456789

IMPORTANT: Once you have depleted your daily allowance, you will no longer be able to print for that day at any SINC Site!

How the Printing will work in the SINC Sites?

  1. Within every SINC Site, each individual computer will now have the ability to print to a spool queue.
  2. After you press the print button, you will need to visit a Pharos Release Station to release your job. It will count on your quota only when you release it.
  3. Jobs sent to the print queue, but not released, will be deleted after 2 hours.


  • The Library and Student Union SINC Site will have additional stations just for printing so people can walk-in just to print.
  • The remaining remote SINC sites will only support Pharos Release Stations; therefore you will need to find a vacant computer on the floor to use.


  • This will create problems for some students. We want to know about them and your questions. A discussion area is being set up on Blackboard for this purpose. To access this discussion area, click on Community when you log into Blackboard.