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 {{vectorcomponentadd.png}} {{vectorcomponentadd.png}}
 +The angles $\theta_{1}$ and $\theta_{2}$ are defined with respect to the positive $x$ axis, ie. $\theta_{1}$ is negative and $\theta_{2}$ is positive.
 | $v_{1x}=v_{1}\cos\theta_{1}$ <​html>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;</​html>​ | $v_{2x}=v_{2}\cos\theta_{2}$ <​html>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;</​html>​ | | $v_{1x}=v_{1}\cos\theta_{1}$ <​html>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;</​html>​ | $v_{2x}=v_{2}\cos\theta_{2}$ <​html>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;</​html>​ |
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 ===== Vectors - Multiplication by a scalar ===== ===== Vectors - Multiplication by a scalar =====
 +Multiplication of a vector by a scalar can change the magnitude, but not the direction of the vector, ie. each component of the vector is multiplied by the scalar in the same way.
 +===== 3.P.071 =====
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