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 $v_{high}^{2}=rg\frac{\sin\theta+\mu\cos\theta}{\cos\theta-\mu\sin\theta}$ $v_{high}^{2}=rg\frac{\sin\theta+\mu\cos\theta}{\cos\theta-\mu\sin\theta}$
 +However it also possible to slide down the slope if a car goes too slowly. In this case friction acts up the slope and stops the car sliding down
 +$F_{N}\sin\theta-\mu F_{N}\cos\theta=\frac{mv_{low}^{2}}{r}$
 +$F_{N}\cos\theta+\mu F_{N}\sin\theta=mg$
 ===== 6.P.059 ===== ===== 6.P.059 =====
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