PHY131 Studio Fall 2016

Please go to this link to submit your 3rd lab report by Friday 9 December at 11:59PM. This lab report can be on either Lab 8 or Lab 9. Please make sure to correctly save your file as .pdf file before you submit it.

Final Exam Information

Our Final Exam will be held in Engineering 143 on Thursday 15 December from 2:15PM-5:00PM. You may bring up to 3 sheets of paper with handwritten notes on both sides. You should also bring a calculator which does not have any communication capabilities. The exam will have 6 questions drawn from the entire course. Roughly speaking there will be 2 questions on material from before Midterm 1, 2 questions from the topics covered on Midterm 2 and 1 questions on each of oscillations/waves/sound and thermodynamics.

Important Documents

Finding the professor

Office hours: Prof. Dawber will be available on Monday and Wednesday from 1:30PM-2:30PM in B104 Physics.

Outside of class and office hours the best way to contact Prof. Dawber is by email:

Class Schedule

Note: There may be be revisions of lecture notes in advance of the class in which they will be covered.

Chapter 1 - Units, Measurement and Uncertainty Monday 29th August
Chapter 2 - 1 Dimensional Motion Wednesday 31st August
Lab 1 - Acceleration Friday 28th August
Labor Day Holiday - No Class Monday 5th September
Chapter 3 - Two dimensional kinematics Wednesday 7th September
Lab 2 - Projectile Motion Friday 9th September
Chapter 3 - Relative Velocity and other 2D vector problems Monday 12 September
Chapter 4 - Newton's Laws of Motion Wednesday 14th September
Lab 3 - Atwood's Machine Friday 16th September
Chapter 5 - Using Newton's Laws of Motion Monday 19th September
Chapter 6 - Gravitation Wednesday 21st September
Lab 4 - Centripetal Force Friday 23rd September
Chapter 7 - Work and Energy Monday 26th September
Chapter 8 - Conservation of Energy Wednesday 28th September
Lab 5 - Conservation of Energy Friday 30th September
Midterm 1 Review 1 Monday 3rd October
Midterm 1 Review 2 Wednesday 5th October
Midterm 1 Friday 7th October
Chapter 9 - Linear Momentum and collisions Monday 10th October
Chapter 9 - 2D Momentum problems and center of mass Wednesday 12th October
Lab 6 - Conservation of Momentum Friday 14th October
Chapter 10 - Rotational Kinematics Monday 17th October
Chapter 10 - Rotational Dynamics Wednesday 19th October
Lab 7 - Angular Momentum Friday 21st October
Chapter 11 - Angular Momentum Monday 24th October
Chapter 12 - Static Equilibrium, Elasticity and Fracture Wednesday 26th October
Chapter 13 - Fluids Friday 28th October
Midterm 2 Review 1 Monday 31st October
Midterm 2 Review 2 Wednesday 2nd November
Midterm 2 Friday 4th November
Chapter 14 - Oscillations Monday 7th November
Chapter 15 - Waves Wednesday 9th November
Lab 8 - Simple Harmonic Motion Friday 11th November
Chapter 16 - Sound Monday 14th November
Chapter 17 - Temperature, thermal expansion and gas laws Wednesday 16th November
Lab 9 - Speed of Sound in Air Friday 13th November
Chapter 18 -Kinetic Theory of Gases Monday 21st November
Thanksgiving Holiday - No Class Wednesday 23rd November
Thanksgiving Holiday - No Class Friday 25th November
Chapter 19 - Heat and the First Law of Thermodynamics Monday 28th November
Chapter 20 - Second Law of Thermodynamics Wednesday 30th November
Lab 10 - Thermodynamics Simulations Friday 2nd December
Final Review 1 Monday 5th December
Final Review 2 Wednesday 7th December
Final Review 3 Friday 9th December
Final Exam Thursday 15 December (2:15PM-5:00PM)


Homework sets must be submitted by midnight on the day on which they are due. The amount of help provided will diminish sharply as the deadline approaches, particularly outside of reasonable working hours. Not all homework sets have the same number of items. Each homework item (rather than assignment) will have equivalent weight in determining your grade.

Homework Set 1 due Wednesday 7th September
Homework Set 2 due Monday 12th September
Homework Set 3 due Monday 19th September
Homework Set 4 due Monday 26th September
Homework Set 5 due Monday 3rd October
Lab Report 1 (on one of Labs 2-4) due Monday 3rd October
Homework Set 6 due Monday 17th October
Homework Set 7 due Monday 24th October
Homework Set 8 due Monday 31st October
Lab Report 2 (on one of Labs 5-7) due Wednesday 9th November
Homework Set 9 due Monday 14th November
Homework Set 10 due Monday 21st November
Lab Report 3 (on one of Labs 8-9) due Friday 9th December
Homework Set 11 due Monday 5th December
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