PHY132 Studio Spring 2016

  • For the first midterm find Exam, Solutions, and grade distribution
  • The formal homework is here. It is due Monday April 25th.
  • Lecture notes on waves have been updated. See below.
  • The final exam is May 12. Material to study for the exam are:
    1. A typed summary of formulas is here , the chapters since the 2nd midterm are 32,33,34,35
    2. Redo the problems. They are listed here by topic. Solutions are available below.
    3. Lecture notes have summarize the material and have a lot of problems mixed in.

Important Documents

Course Syllabus

Guide to Estimating Uncertainty

Straight Line Graph Plotting Tool

Office hours: Prof Teaney's office hours: MWF day after class (12-1:00 in P118).

Midterm 1 Information

Midterm 2 Information

Final Exam Information

Lab Report Guidelines

Homework Help

Course Evaluations - Please evaluate this course before May 16th

Textbook evaluation: The publisher of our textbook would be interested in your feedback. You can tell them what you think by taking this survey

Lectures and Class Schedule

Labs for Physics 132

Lab 1: E fields Fri Feb 5
Lab 2: Ohms Law Fri Feb 12
Lab 3: Circuits Fri Feb 19
Lab 4: Magnetic Fields Fri March 4
Lab 5: Electric Motors Fri March 11
Lab 6: Faraday's Law Fri March 25
Lab 8: Diffraction Fri April 15
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