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Final Exam

The final exam will be held on Thursday 12 December from 2:15PM-5:00PM in Javits 111.

There will be 8 questions in total

  • 4 on material from before midterm 2
  • 1 on fluids
  • 1 on oscillations
  • 1 on waves/sound
  • 1 on thermodynamics

You may bring three handwritten sheets of notes which can have anything you want on them, and you can write on both sides of the sheet of paper.

You should bring a calculator. Any kind of calculator is acceptable. It should be able to perform scientific functions (especially trig), but does not need to have graphing capabilities. Your calculation device should not allow you to access the internet, send and receive messages or play Angry Birds.

There will be a review session in Physics S-265 from 3-5 PM on Monday 9 December. Please don't forget that Monday is the last day on which you can evaluate this course here!

You can get past exams and solutions from the links below. Note that there has been a small shift in the emphasis of the exams (this year there will be 1 less question on thermodynamics, one more on pre-midterm 2 material).

Fall 2010 Final Exam

Final 2010 Solutions

Fall 2011 Final Exam

Final 2011 Solutions

Fall 2012 Final Exam

Final 2012 Solutions

Video of 2013 Review Session

Video of 2012 Review Session

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