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Late November Grade Estimate

Grade estimates after Midterm 2

Here were the grade estimates after Midterm 2.

Grade estimates now

And this is where they are now. There's been significant upward motion!

Don't forget that we still have the lab assignment, one lab report and the final exam (30%) to improve your score.

Attendance clarification

I have updated the attendance scores. Note that to get a perfect attendance score you do not need to have attended all lectures. I have set the number of lectures for a perfect attendance score to be 32, if you have less than 32 attendances then each one missing reduces your attendance score out of 10 by by 10/32. Currently nobody has an attendance score less than 8/10 and more than 70% of the class is getting a perfect attendance score. Note: The next two lectures can be included in the 32, so those you with less than 10 can still improve this score.

Lab Assignment/Lab Report clarification

Tomorrow we will have presentations on the lab assignment. As there are 5 groups your presentation should be 10 minutes maximum. Powerpoint slides or equivalent are nice, but not required. Doing the lab assignment does not prevent you from handing in a report for lab 3, and you lab report score (12% of final grade) will be based on the best 3 scores out of the 3 lab reports and lab assignment. If you decide to do it, the final lab report can be handed in at the final exam.


Enough about me evaluating you… You have until the last day of class to evaluate me here. Please complete the evaluation form for both the lecture and the recitation section.

In addition to the standard university questions, which you have to agree and disagree to, and my questions on course details, there is also a departmental question which asks you to score me out of 10.

This year, for the first time the results from our official evaluation system will be made publicly available, but it should still not be confused with Rate My Professors..)

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