2013 Lectures

2012 Lectures

Lectures from last year are here so you can read ahead. The videos of last year's lectures are also available at these links. These will be replaced by the 2013 versions as the course progresses.

Lecture 39 - Lab Project Presentations

2011 Lectures

Due to Hurricane Sandy Lectures 31 and 32 were combined in 2012 and lectures 33 and 34 were skipped. In 2013 we plan to follow the same schedule as in 2012. The 2011 versions of the lectures which are no longer given can be viewed if you are interested to learn more about the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution or the properties of real gases.

Lecture 31 - Temperature and Thermal Expansion

Lecture 32 - Ideal Gas Laws

Lecture 33 - Kinetic Theory of Gases

Lecture 34 - Real Gases

Lecture 40 - Course Wrap Up

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