PHY141 Fall 2015

Final Exam Information

Thursday December 10, 2:15 pm-5:00 pm in P113.

Instructor and Office Hours

Marivi Fernandez-Serra

Email maria.fernandez-serra at

Office Location B-139, Physics and office at IACS building (

Office Hours Tuesdays: 3:00-4:00 pm (B-139) Mondays: 2:00-3:00 pm (B-139) And by appointment.

Preparation Materials

Important Documents

Lectures and Class Schedule

Note: There may be be revisions of these materials in advance of the class in which they will be covered.

Chapter 1 - Getting Started Monday 24th August
Chapter 2 - 1 Dimensional Motion Wednesday 26th August and Friday 28th August
Chapter 3 - Vectors Monday 31st August and Wednesday 2nd September
Chapter 4 - Two and Three Dimensional Motion Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd September
Labor Day Holiday - No Class Monday 7th September
Chapter 5 - Newton's Laws of Motion Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th September
Chapter 6 - Applications of Newton's Laws of Motion Monday 14th and Wednesday 16th September
Chapter 7 - Gravity Thursday 17th and Friday 18th September
Chapter 8 - Conservation of Energy Monday 21st and Wednesday 23rd September
Chapter 9 - Energy in Non isolated Systems Thursday 24th and Friday 25th September
Chapter 10 - Systems of Particles and Conservation of Momentum Monday 28th and Wednesday 30th September
Midterm 1 Review Thursday October 1st
Midterm 1 Friday 2nd October
Midterm 1 Solutions Monday 5th October
Chapter 11 - Collisions Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th October
Chapter 12 - Rotation I: Kinematics and Dynamics Friday 9th and Monday 12th October
Chapter 13 - Rotation II: A Conservation Approach Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15h October
Chapter 14 - Static Equilibrium, Elasticity and Fracture Monday 19th and Wednesday 21 October
Midterm 2 Review Thursday 22nd October
Chapter 15 - Fluids I Friday 23rd October
Midterm 2 Monday 26th October
Midterm 2 Solutions + Fluids II Wednesday 28th October
Chapter 16 - Oscillations Thursday 29th and Friday 30th October
Chapter 17 - Traveling Waves Monday 2nd and Wednesday 4th November
Chapter 18 - Superposition and Standing Waves Thursday 5th and Friday 6th November
Chapter 19 - Temperature, Thermal Expansion and Gas Laws Monday 9th and Wednesday 11th November
Chapter 20 - Kinetic Theory of Gases Thursday 12th and Friday 13th November
Chapter 21 - Heat and the First Law of Thermodynamics Monday 16th and Wednesday 18th November
Chapter 22 - Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics Thursday 19th and Friday 20th November
Thanksgiving Holiday - No Class Wednesday 25th November
Thanksgiving Holiday - No Class Friday 27th November
Final Review 1 Monday 30th November
Final Review 2 Wednesday 2nd December
Final Review 3 Friday 4th December
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