Physclips - A very nice collection of Flash based animations from University of New South Wales in Australia. (Which just happens to be the Prof's old school!)

Video lectures from MIT - A full set of lectures from MIT's OpenCourseWare project that covers mostly the same material as this course. Just in case you want to hear something from a different perspective!

Wikipedia Wikipedia doesn't really need a link I guess, but there's a lot of great physics material on Wikipedia and I'll be using it a lot throughout the course.

Gnuplot Gnuplot is a free and powerful plotting program. When you find a graphing tool in these pages it's usually going to be using Gnuplot!

General web resources (the stuff that makes this page work)

These pages are built on a lot of open source resources, chief of which is Dokuwiki. Dokuwiki is an extremely customizable and easy to use wiki program. Dokuwki plugins, which allow the use of great tools like mathjax and s5 slideshows makes my life a lot easier!

Some of the tools on this webpage rely on html5. If you are interested in learning about html5 you should check out Dive into html5. Some of the video motion analysis tools we'll be using were inspired by this Mozilla tutorial on the use of the html5 canvas element with html5 video.

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