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Group Projects

The group project is intended to be a creative exercise that you complete in a small group and present together in the last recitation of the semester on Thursday 5th December in a 10 minute presentation.

There is a lot of freedom in what you can choose for the project, but it should be in some way related to the topics we have covered this semester. In past years I asked for the project to be experimental as it was viewed as part of the lab component of the course, but this year the project need not need be experimental, it could also be an investigation of a topic. However there should be an element of creativity to the project, so if you chose to do a non-experimental project, you should think about some way in which you can present something a little bit original to the class.

Examples of previous years projects can be found here.

To give you some time to work together the recitation on Thursday 21 November will be set aside for you to work on your projects. If you would like to borrow any equipment on that day, you need to let me know before the lecture on Wednesday 20 November. You can get some ideas of what is available here


Here are the groups

Group 1

Robert Hutnik
Josh La Bounty
Plamen Kamenov
Aatman Makaida
Samuel Lederer
Ioana Soaita
Thomas Krahulik

Group 2

Greg Swirson
Daniel Mottola
Sanjay Jonnavithula
Raffaele Miceli
Yuliya Astapova
Jonathan Bellon
Reid Horton

Group 3

Sravan Munagavalasa
Tim Hart
Connor Goham
Sachen Seth
Nick Kinney

Group 4

Eric Nechayev
Chris Holderer
Josh Cehulic
Roman Scher

Group 5

Rose Mathews
Acacia Galbraith
Keshav Kalanadhabhatta
Henry Ho
Joshua Ha
Elizabeth Ha
Jordanne Miller

Group 6

Alex Horeth
John Mikhail
Zach Rowe
Grant Richmond
Stephen Tschudi
Daniel Selector

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