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Class Standings

Midterm 1 Results

Here are the results from the first midterm as a histogram. You can find your score on Blackboard in your Grade Center.

The average score on the exam was 67%.

If you scored less than ~50% you need to think seriously about your level of preparation for the exam!

Overall results

These are your overall scores based on your work so far according to the weighting advertised in the syllabus.


Some of you have brought down your overall score significantly by either:

  • Not being prepared for the exam
  • Missing more than one or two lectures (or coming late)
  • Not completing the homework
  • Not going to lab or not handing in your lab notebook

If you need to make up a lab let me know!
If you want to attend the make up lab to improve your data for the lab report you will write let me know!
If you had any period of illness you wish me to take in to account for anything let me know!

If your overall standing is below ~65% or your exam score is less than about ~50% you should view your options as follows:

  1. Continue as you are. Expect a low grade!
  2. Come up with a good strategy to improve. This is still very possible, the first midterm is only worth 10% of the final grade. I can help, come and ask me for advice!
  3. Drop down to PHY 131. The deadline for this is this Friday 8th October at 4PM. If you want to do this you need to do it NOW. Please come to see me and we can discuss.
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