Homework Set 7

Magnetic Materials

This question should be fairly easy once we have done Lecture 20

Faraday's Law and Induced Emf

This tutorial should help you get use to applying Faraday's law to a loop in a magnetic field.

Introduction to Faraday's Law

Another tutorial on Faraday's Law. For Part F refer to the notes on the electric field produced by a time varying magnetic field.

Problem 29.20

Most of the examples we looked at in class concerned flux changing either because the field changed or a loop turned, but the flux can also change if the size of a loop is changed, and then $\frac{d\Phi_{B}}{dt}=B\frac{dA}{dt}=-\mathcal{E}$

Problem 29.38

Apply the formula for the emf produced by a generator.

Problem 29.22

The discussion we had about the mutual inductance of a solenoid and a coil may help you here.

Problem 29.41

You can think of the back emf in the motor as being similar to the emf produced by a generator.

Problem 29.70

The magnetic field goes from one extreme to another twice every shake, once you have worked out $\frac{dB}{dT}$ use


to work out what $N$ should be.

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