Group Projects

Here are the groups as of April 11. If you are not in a group, please try to join one as soon as you can, and let me know which group you are in.

Group 1 - Radio Frequency propagation

Roman Scher
Ian Bonnell
Henry Ho
Sanjay Jonnavithula

Group 2 - Inductive charging and mutual inductance

Robert Hutnik
Timothy Hart
Connor Goham
Aatman Makadia

Group 3 - Cathode Ray Tube

Plamen Kamenov
Joshua La Bounty
Thomas Krahulik
Ioana Soaita
Samuel Lederer
Christopher Fenton

Group 4 - Rail gun

Jonathon Bellon
Yuliya Astapova
Raffaele Miceli
Daniel Mottola
Elad Michael
Austin Polanco

Group 5 - Interaction between a paramagnet and a ferromagnet

Rose Mathews
Joshua Ha
Elizabeth Ha
Acacia Galbraith
Sachin Seth
Jordanne Miller

Group 6 - Coil Gun

Stephen Tschudi
Grant Richmond
Alexander Horeth
John Mikhail
Zachary Rowe
Greg Swirson

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