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The links below lead to the resources (primarily lecture notes and videos) from the Physics 141 and 142 courses taught by Prof Dawber in Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. The are NOT the course notes for this semesters Stony Brook PHY141 course. However these pages may be useful for anyone taking a calculus based introductory physics course, so I will leave them up here.

PHY 141 - Classical Physics I Honors (Motion, Fluids, Oscillations, Waves, Heat)

PHY 142 - Classical Physics II Honors (Electricity, Magnetism, Light)

If you are looking for the notes for the Spring 2015 semester of PHY142 with Prof. Krishna Kumar you can find them at the following link:

PHY 142 - Classical Physics II Honors Spring 2015

The link below will take you to the course notes for the course PHY132 Spring 2016 - Classical Physics II Studio taught by Prof. Teaney and Prof. Fernandez-Serra

PHY132 Studio Spring 2016

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