About Me

Who Am I?

I am a Junior Computer Science Major at Stony Brook University. I was born in Queens, New York and moved to Pakistan after 9 years, where I went to middle school and high school. I currently work as a Web Programmer at Eduware and as a Web Editor for The Stony Brook Undergradute Student Government. In my free time, I enjoy reading fantasy novels and watching series on Netflix. 




My Future Goals

After graduating, I hope to work as a full-stack application developer and work on products that make an impact on society. The globalization of today's world and the sweeping influence of technology is what made me choose this career path.

My Projects

Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit

A fantasy baseball draft tool that aids users in keeping track of different teams during a draft and make informed decisions based on player statistics. The application allows a user to create a draft, create different teams and rank them according to the stats of the players on the teams. The application was coded in Java and the user interface was created using JavaFX.




Email Broadcast System

The Email Broadcast System was an in-house application that I developed during my internship at EC Infosystems. It is a user-friendly portal that allows users to search through a database of clients based on various filters and send out a custom generated email to these clients. This desktop web application was created using asp.net mvc with C#.


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