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Interest & Hobbies

One of my interest is anime. Even from when I was a kid I love watching cartoon and now I like watching anime because it has more of an adult atmosphere to the cartoon.Some of my fravorite anime are Tokyo Ghoul, One Piece, Attack on titans, gangsta and so many more. Another interest of mine is football. I like watching it, talking about it , and playing it. In high school I played as a center and guard but I stop playing after coming to high school because I felt that I coulding compete with the other guys. My favorite NFL team is the Giant. My favorite hobby is playing video games. I have no preffrence between the pc and the PS4 but lately i have been playing more PS4 game than pc. Thats probably due to all the new games coming out and the comfortable controls. Some of my favorite games are league of legend, Metal Gear solid series, God Of War series, destiny, and many other.

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Author: Joel Mendoza