Joel Mendoza

		    455 East 137 Street Bronx, NY 10457    •(347)-664-7062      •	  
                    Education:   BS Technological System Management		   
					   Stony Brook University, Stony Brook 
                                           Anticipated Graduation: May 2016
                   Relevant Courses: Project management, Engineering & Managerial Economics

		  Skills / Strengths:		
						•	Language: English, Spanish
						•	MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
						•	Programming Language: HTML, Beginner in java
						•	Software: Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver
						•	Able to multitask
						•	Kinesthetic learner that gains knowledge from every experience and interaction

                  Work Experience:	Audio Visual technician			                          Aug 2011- Present
			                                Student Activity Center		           
                                                        Stony Brook, NY 
                                               •	Provide technical support for AV services for programs held in the Student Activities 
							Center & the Stony Brook Union. 
                                               •	Assist in developing audio-visual systems. 
                                               •	Perform related duties as assigned.

Courses taken/Currently taken
Name Code Number
Interdis Rsch Methods EST 440
Intro to Web Dsgn & Programmg ISE 102
History of US-Latin Am Relatns HIS 216
Italian-American Scene HUI 236
Modern Italy HUI 239
Intro to Multimedia Systems ISE 334
Communication Tech Systems EST 320
App Software for Info Mgt EST 305
Design of Computer Games ISE 340
Project Management EST 393

Author: Joel Mendoza